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EverHive and VNDLY Partner to Provide Quick-Deploy Contingent Workforce Solutions to Support Businesses During Pandemic

Press Release

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the coronavirus continues to impact day-to-day business operations, companies are faced with the daunting task of quickly adjusting their workforce needs based on the uncertain reopening of the economy. Many are also trying to manage contingent workforces that may have been impacted by furloughs and layoffs, confounding the complexity of recovery. To help address these challenges and concerns, EverHive, a global leader in contingent workforce strategy, has partnered with VNDLY, an industry-changing vendor management solutions technology provider, to offer quick-deploy solutions to help companies manage what may feel like chaos.

Traditionally, most companies lack visibility into their extended workforces, giving them little insight into numbers of workers, internal management structure, and cost. Without this critical information, businesses facing challenges are often poorly situated to determine their staffing needs, while trying to manage disruptions in their staffing supply chains. According to Deloitte, even before the coronavirus hit, contingent workers and service providers represented nearly half of workforce spend. Still, most companies do not collect the same types of data and metrics surrounding their contingent workers as they do their full-time staff. The result? When disaster strikes, businesses are left on the defense. With disruptions in their supply and staffing chains, they have little information on who they need to hire, which departments are employing critical workers, who they need to let go, and how much time and money they will spend—or lose—in doing so.

“Companies need both clear metrics and a clear strategy to pivot and respond efficiently when disaster strikes,” says Brandon Moreno, president of EverHive. “We are incredibly selective in our eco-system partnerships. VNDLY is nimble, strategic, and user-friendly—just what companies need in the midst of real-world change.

In recent weeks, EverHive and VNDLY have received a surge of calls from companies facing unexpected contingent workforce issues. For instance, many had initially reacted to the global pandemic by reducing payroll in an effort to save money, leaving them inappropriately staffed and unable to provide services and goods for their clients. To ensure companies can rehire high-quality talent when the time comes, EverHive and VNDLY can set up processes to manage and communicate with those contingent workers, bringing them back quickly and ensuring they are aligned with corporate and governmental compliance policies. “Partnering with EverHive gives both companies a greater capacity to help companies determine their most effective, cost-efficient path to successful contingent workforce management, which is even more crucial now. When facing business issues that cannot be predicted, companies need reliable, flexible technologies and programs to support their needs,” said Shashank Saxena, VNLDY’s CEO.

To support companies during the current global crisis, EverHive and VNDLY are offering to set up a VMS/MSP program in as little as four weeks. The cloud-based program can be adapted in real time, with one-click changes to VNDLY’s configuration. Once the program has been established, the teams can provide an audit to address metrics, reporting, and recommend best practices. After the audit, ongoing guidance and support will ensure continued improvements to efficiency and effectiveness.

“This is a critical time for both large and small businesses throughout the world,” says Moreno. “Even when the pandemic ends, there will be greater complexities in terms of onboarding and managing contingent workers—more compliance issues related to managing the health and safety of employees, stricter monitoring in ensuring performance during remote work hours, and greater accountability in creating accurate head counts and capping spend. Companies that prepare now will be better able to weather not just this storm, but the next one that comes along.”


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Founded in 2017, VNDLY transforms how companies manage their contingent workforces. Using its SaaS work management system, companies can manage the entire non-employee engagement lifecycle from talent acquisition to training to payment and offboarding. The company serves as the ERP system of record for multiple Fortune 500 companies to manage their entire contingent and non-employee workforce on a single platform. VNDLY is a cloud-native platform that helps simplify the implementation, integration, and change management aspects compared to legacy vendor management solutions. The VNDLY platform is composed of four modules: contingent workforce management, statement of work (SOW) management, independent contractor (IC) compliance, and total talent acquisition. For more information, please visit www.VNDLY.com.



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