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Our mission is to be the most customer centric enterprise software company in the world.

The VNDLY Way is a set of core values and operational procedures that drive everything we do at VNDLY. It’s more than just words and statements; it’s how we think, act, and prioritize multiple competing priorities internally.

Serve Customers like Family

Customer service is critical to our mission. Open, honest conversations and constant interactions with our customers help build trust and value. Trust is critical to customer satisfaction. This is a key sustainable competitive advantage for us.

Build and Nurture a Winning Culture

This is not the responsibility of the HR team or the executive team but every single VNDLY colleague. Some guidelines around our culture are:


VNDLY is and will always strive to remain a no-politics culture. We hire extremely competent people and give them degrees of freedom to optimize their true potential. We compete externally but collaborate internally. Challenging traditional norms is completely acceptable and encouraged.


We champion family first. We value you and embrace your family. We utilize a family-based approach to recruit, mentor and sustain the VNDLY team. Our colleagues like working with each other professionally, and on a deeper personal level. This will remain a critical element as we continue to scale our organization. We will not tolerate ‘brilliant jerks’. Freely given, open communication, trust, and transparency are key.

Be a Giving Culture

Feel free to share. Open-sourcing, speaking at conferences and openly sharing information is encouraged. Help everyone, including our competitors. Making the industry at large better is more important than winning. In addition, VNDLY supports activities that enhance and serve the communities in which we live and work.

Scaling Our Culture

Our model is to remain autonomous as we grow, rather than stifle creative freedoms, to continue to attract and nourish innovative people. This will contribute to our long‐term continued success.


Obsess over customer needs and pain points, not over competitors, features, and tech stacks. Sales are secondary, customer support is primary. Ensuring current customer happiness trumps new sales opportunities. The minimalist mindset in marketing and sales; maximalist mindset in delivery.

Focus on Software Craftsmanship

We will always drive a technology-first culture and approach. We truly believe writing great software is an art form and software development is a craft that needs to be honed over time. At VNDLY, we endeavor to be the preferred employer for anyone interested in practicing this craft. We care deeply about a software development culture and will be technology pioneers in every product line we own and operate. Sharing best practices with competitors is cool, not treason.

Frugality Is Key to Our Culture

Every dollar spent needs to bring customer delight or colleague delight. Every VNDLY colleague is a steward of company money. We treat our colleagues with respect and ask that they use company funds in the same way they would their own.

Every VNDLY colleague is empowered to question actions inconsistent with our values.

Board of Directors

Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Bowery Capital
Tim Kopp
Hyde Park Venture Partners
Nick Efstratis
EPIC Ventures
Steve Singh
Madrona Venture Group
Shashank Saxena
Narayan Surabhi


Shashank Saxena
Co-founder, CEO
Narayan Surabhi
Co-founder, President
David Weiss
Executive Vice President of Sales
Tom Ringenbach
Sr. Director - Operations
John Adkins
Director of Engineering
Stephen Fedor
Director of Implementations
Cassandra Copeland
Director of Quality and Support Services
Brittany Dryden
Sr. Product Manager
Christy Foxbower
Sr. Product Manager and Group Manager
Chuck Mobley
Principal Solutions Architect

We are proud to be part of the Women's Empowerment Principles community of companies committed to making a difference for women in the workplace, marketplace, and community.

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