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Total Talent Acquisition

What if your company could retool the entire talent acquisition process, allowing you to have workers identified before you had a specific need? VNDLY’s technology helps hiring teams move beyond identifying candidates by job titles, looking more closely at their skills, certifications, desired situations, rates, and availability, creating talent pools that can be tapped for one job or a major seasonal hiring event.

We provide suppliers the capability to build out their talent pools within VNDLY, adding hundreds of resumes at a time, then having the software sort them according to established categories. That part of the process is faster, making hiring processes nimbler and more flexible.
No matter what types of workers your company needs, VNDLY’s workforce management solutions can handle the entire process. Our algorithms and data science allow you to manage all talent – external and direct – and categories of spend, regardless of who hires and manages those workers. The technology can direct you to the best hiring path for each position – using a supplier, direct hire, or SOW.
The fee structures available are broader, too. Legacy VMS tools configure fees in a linear fashion, accommodating only a few options. In VNDLY, companies can set up more than a dozen fee scenarios, including pre-identification and direct hire. We automate more than our competition, saving time and money.

To learn how your company can benefit from VNDLY’s capabilities, email us today at