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classification worries.

Making sure independent contractors (IC) are correctly classified is vital, yet it’s often overlooked and can become problematic. Misclassified workers can cost you money and your reputation.

When companies hire third-party providers, they’re often shut out of the process until that provider sends results. Many times, there is no explanation about how compliance was achieved.

Bringing everyone together.

VNDLY’s IC management solution brings everyone together, establishing a communications process that gathers more detailed information. Employers of record, contractors, and third-party providers all interact directly in VNDLY, giving you better accuracy and more transparency. That’s something legacy VMS platforms just don’t provide.

our process is better.

We don’t mingle ICs and suppliers, making it easier to know exactly who you’re dealing with.

We standardized workflows to support simple, clear worker classification.

You can use built-in capabilities to complete IC contracting, on-boarding, engagement, payment, and off-boarding.

You can easily set up and provide access for a smooth data exchange among all participants.

You can evaluate your program and processes through readily available compliance and engagement reporting and analytics.

let us show you why we really are better.

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Integrating vndly

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Security AND Compliance

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Differentiating vndly

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