Statement of Work

Strengthen project oversight. Maintain budget control. Efficiently manage change orders.

Businesses often find themselves juggling competing priorities and projects. As the complexities in the market increase, organizations are looking for solutions to streamline and simplify processes.

VNDLY’s leading vendor management software allows you to manage complex projects in one place, providing an effective way to map and adhere to Statement of Work (SOW) requirements.

Scale SOW planning and take control of project deliverables.

VNDLY’s Statement of Work solution allows you to effectively manage complete projects. You’ll gain access to detailed information about ongoing projects, including pending and past modifications, and the ability to build controls around processes and facilitate negotiations—all within the security of VNDLY.

With complete Statement of Work oversight, VNDLY supports you in mitigating risk, meeting deadlines, uncovering cost savings, and eliminating rogue spending.

With VNDLY statement of work you can:

Gain visibility into all SOW activity across key areas such as project milestones and spend.
Increase efficiencies across the contracting process by including and locking legal language.
Align expectations with pre-defined acceptance criteria based on work required in order to receive payment.
Effectively manage change orders with the ability to request, review, and approve in VNDLY.
Save time on change order reviews with simple indicators that highlight requested changes in an easy-to-read format.
Streamline the negotiation process by opening up contracts for red-lining and comments directly in VNDLY.
Gain visibility to see workers assigned to a project with the ability to drill into the details for each individual.
Ensure only reviewed and approved spend is converted into invoice line items.

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