Worker Profile Management

One system of record for your global extended workforce.

The extended workforce is rapidly growing and expanding across borders. Global organizations need complete oversight into who’s where, for how long, and total labor cost.

VNDLY’s leading vendor management software offers organizations that complete picture of their contingent labor, providing the tools needed to capture key external employee datasets.

Increase visibility of your contingent labor population.

VNDLY’s Worker Profile Management solution allows you to capture the baseline information needed to better understand what’s happening in your extended workforce program. Capture data related to employment duration, location, previous assignments, organizational unit, and more.

Combine VNDLY’s Worker Profile Management with core capabilities delivered by VNDLY such as global digital invoicing, custom reporting, and self-serve configuration to add even more value to your program.

With VNDLY Worker Profile Management you can:

Better support global programs with worker profile creation, management and maintenance.

Gain full visibility into all workers, no matter where they are located.

Drill into individual information such as candidate details, onboarding checklist, assignments, as well as start and end dates.

Save time and bulk upload worker information or add individual worker details as needed.

Gain additional visibility with full access to activity log for program auditability.

Combine Worker Profile Management with VNDLY’s invoicing capabilities regardless of spend or location.

Gain complete program oversight by feeding data from Worker Profile Management into headcount and spend reporting.

Reduce manual effort via HCM integration, pulling core data across to your HCM for that total workforce view.

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