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Total Talent Management is Now a Reality: VNDLY and Workday

I am excited to announce that VNDLY’s Workforce Connector for Workday has been awarded a Workday Certified Badge. The right product, mission, and partners are all a part of becoming a disruptor in an industry. 

VNDLY is now the only VMS Access partner with a certified integration for Workday HCM, and our API-based integration will help teams improve their processes and increase the value of their Workday investment. By working closely with the Workday team, we’ve taken strides towards achieving Total Talent Management (TTM), something that’s been a buzzword in the VMS industry for a long time. 

Now, VNDLY is leading the charge towards actually achieving TTM with an integration that allows HR to onboard contractors using the same downstream processes already in place for full-time employees. 

Shashank Saxena

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