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Using Your VMS Technology To Navigate Rapidly Evolving Situations

Thought Leadership

As COVID-19 continues to impact the global community, we find ourselves in an unsettling situation that has the potential to distract all of us from our mission to help our organizations remain as prepared as possible during this crisis. Effective collaboration with your suppliers and non-employee workers will be challenged, yet even more essential. Using the available capabilities of your VMS technology across the entire lifecycle of your talent acquisition strategy can provide more stability where you need it.

Notifications and Escalations:

With rapid changes during a crisis, VMS technology can ensure you can communicate with everyone from workers to suppliers. You will also be able to organize and update workflows around immediate needs. Your VMS enables you to:

Configure system-wide notifications within the VMS to ensure communication of all corporate policies relating to your non-employee workforce, including those based on guidance from HR and local, state and, federal agencies.
Utilize escalation work-streams to validate suppliers and actively-engaged candidates who may need to receive and accept policy updates.
Configure workflows to consolidate high-priority provisioning processes for a specialized group of resources and an MSP, which allows you to keep tabs on any outstanding activities.

Procuring Talent

With all the uncertainty, talent acquisition teams may regularly encounter fluid directives requiring them to procure only mission-critical resources. Your VMS can help recalibrate demand through:

  • Modified workflows that only permit critical templates for direct and indirect sourcing channels.
  • Pre-emptive job templates made available to your suppliers so they can begin sourcing immediately with options to gain approvals later.
  • Proactive talent pool evaluation so you can minimize distribution and focus on the talent at your disposal.
  • Notifications to key decision makers to keep tabs on requirements released to the market for sourcing.
  • Decompression strategies to help your organization quickly adjust distribution of work as the crisis dissipates, easily identify workers associated with the escalated environment.
  • External worker tracking to determine which assignments may be temporarily eliminated, but may be needed again in the near future. Tracking can give you visibility into a worker’s history, supplier relationships, and availability.

Managing Talent

As challenging as it may be to quickly adjust procurement policies, addressing your current non-employee workers can be even more difficult. Your VMS can help:

  • Assemble dashboards to determine where your non-employees are located so you can update relevant geographic information to keep them safe and informed.
  • Utilize your time and expense module to broadcast messages and updated policies. This can be a better option when workers are inundated with emails.
  • Communicate with your supply chain, sharing real-time information with all of your non-employee suppliers at once.
  • Update your workforce in real time when stringent policies become necessary, sometimes with little warning.

There are many other ways your VMS can help ease what may be a bumpy road ahead. We’re committed to supporting our clients so they can operate as close to business-as-usual as possible. For answers to your questions, email us at info@vndly.com

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