real-time information,
more accuracy, and less risk for your finance team.

Finding ways to fund company growth initiatives while controlling costs has become a major challenge for today’s finance executives.

Your organization’s extended workforce—often a substantial percentage of budget—can be a hidden financial drain, especially if it’s managed with VMS technology that doesn’t provide complete, essential information.

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total visibility.
no more surprises.

You need real-time visibility into the total extended workforce, not just workers on a timesheet. Independent contractors and project-based workers on SOWs can be hidden under deliverables or milestones. Change orders, extended assignments, and rate modifications can go unchecked, quickly exhausting allocated funds.

VNDLY’s API integrations ensure your team will have accurate, comprehensive data that’s critical for making quick budget and priority adjustments. No more worrying about outstanding invoices and payments, accruals, or budget risks.

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VNDLY simplifies your processes by:

  • Delivering up-to-date information organized according to your processes
  • Eliminating reconciliation
  • Establishing uniform budgetary controls
  • Providing streamlined approvals processes
  • Allowing configuration changes as your program goals and processes change
  • Supporting proactive budget and invoicing planning
  • Allowing spending alerts and notifications


VNDLY supports the entire lifecycle of your extended workforce.

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