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Today’s healthcare industry staffing needs grow and contract at a moment’s notice.

Healthcare is more reliant on an extended workforce, creating an ever-growing need for compliance. From credential management to background screening, vaccination histories, and licenses, resource and procurement management has become more complicated.

VNDLY’s platform can accommodate a wide range of credentials and provisioning components specifically for healthcare. Whether you need per-assignment or per-location guidelines, our technology is the best way to make complex processes simple. That way, your program managers can remain focused on what’s most important—the patients.

we understand healthcare challenges:


Having visibility into highly-skilled, readily available talent means resources can quickly be identified and engaged.


Our platform can be configured to establish talent pools filled with high performers, silver medalists, alumni, and retirees interested in nonemployee opportunities.


Healthcare institutions often focus expenditures related to the extended workforce but ignore other categories of spend in IT and non-clinical areas.


Our platform can accommodate clinical and non-clinical needs. Hiring managers from all areas can access a single platform that’s integrated with HR, procurement, and finance to streamline your process.


Healthcare worker schedules can have time allocations across multiple shifts. Rate structure compliance and shift management have to be a part of program management.


Our configuration supports complex rate structures, so shift differentials, per diems, and other specific rates can be captured for every worker.


VNDLY supports the entire lifecycle of your extended workforce.

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