Higher Education

visibility and
centralized processes
instead of paper trails.

A lot of higher education institutions have decentralized extended workforce programs, with disconnected budgets and procurement policies.

Few choose to adopt a VMS platform because they fear the reconciliation process. VNDLY’s technology is easily integrated across departments, and it can be configured to meet the needs of multiple higher education departments including procurement, HR, finance, IT, and legal.

problems we’ve solved
for higher education:


Colleges and universities rely on paper or emailed timesheets received from various suppliers. A lack of oversight creates unnecessary expenses, fails to address rogue spend, and creates costly invoice reconciliations.


Our platform brings buyers and suppliers together, with all features available on any mobile device. Candidates can submit time and expenses; our clients can approve via the app or email depending on departmental capabilities.


Procedures to procure and maintain compliance with university and governmental guidelines can get lost in the bureaucracy of higher education.


Our fully-integrated VMS technology provides clarity through real-time information around myriad issues that leads to faster hiring for nonemployee workers.


Departments often use the same nonemployee workers without realizing it. Visibility across the entire extended workforce including contracting requirements, tenure, duplicate hires, and ineligible workers is needed.


We help institutions create talent pools with controlled visibility access so subject matter experts and other workers can be appropriately engaged and kept in compliance.


VNDLY supports the entire lifecycle of your extended workforce.

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