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knowing more means
worrying less.

Human resources is evolving, prodded by the rapidly-changing global economy.

Organizations are welcoming more nonemployees, which requires HR teams to manage a wider range of critical worker functions and data. That means you have to know what your company’s entire extended workforce looks like.

Using our agile VMS platform solves the problem. You can fully integrate VNDLY across your company’s technology ecosystem, giving you a clear line of sight into what’s happening with your extended workforce.

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your best workforce
when you need it.

Our platform works seamlessly with your HRIS system, so you can invite great workers back. Your curated talent pools make it easy to re-engage alumni, retirees, and interns after their initial tenure with your organization. No more questions surrounding untracked workers, provisioning components, worker status, and compliance. The clarity available through VNDLY makes your job easier—budgeting, time-to-productivity, reporting, security, and invoicing.

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With VNDLY, you can easily configure your platform to manage:

  • All provisioning components
  • Visibility across the entire extended workforce
  • Tenure compliance
  • Workers converting from temporary to full-time status
  • Alumni, retiree, and other talent pool categories
  • Workers not eligible for re-engagement
  • Program changes that can be made directly through the platform


VNDLY supports the entire lifecycle of your extended workforce.

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Integrating vndly

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Security AND Compliance

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Differentiating vndly

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