Information Technology

we build the
API integrations.
you don’t have to.

We know information technology is complex and multilayered, requiring you to manage your company’s technology ecosystem and digital transformation while still handling the day-to-day tactical matters.

Your VMS platform can become the connector, fully integrating the entire organization. Our built-in API integrations allow you to quickly—and with few of your own staffers—create a truly modern technology stack, one that operates with the company’s overarching business goals in mind. Since your teams won’t invest time maintaining our integrations, that will help reduce your technical debt.

Information Technology employees looking at a server.

simplify your process.
maximize your investment.

IT departments often hire more nonemployees, so you need a simple way to manage the more mundane extended workforce management tasks like budgeting, asset management, and network access. Our platform allows you to set up process flows to manage the entire worker lifecycle.

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Information Technology employees viewing data on a monitor.

we make sure you can:

  • Make the most of your IT investments
  • Provide standard APIs for integrating with HRIS, provisioning, and finance systems
  • Control costs
  • Create configurable deprovisioning controls
  • Manage assets and network access
  • Establish complete network and badging controls


VNDLY supports the entire lifecycle of your extended workforce.

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Integrating vndly

all integrations are not created equally.

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ImPLEMENTing vndly

hands-on setup plus support for lasting success.

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Security AND Compliance

your data. our security. unbeatable safety.

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Differentiating vndly

it’s time for a modern VMS. we’ve got that.

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