contracting and compliance
made easy.

The services you provide your company are vital, yet often excluded from the technology conversation.

In today’s fluid work environment, policies and procedures change rapidly, then those changes need to be shared across your extended workforce. If your company has a global extended workforce, the process is even more complex.


updates and changes
automatically shared
across the company.

Tracking adherence to all policies and procedures, whether it’s with nonemployee workers or suppliers, is essential to maintaining compliance and protecting your company from unnecessary extended workforce risks. Our VMS platform becomes the avenue for communicating every change so your company is covered and workers are informed.

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VNDLY’s platform can help you by:

  • Standardizing terms and conditions in all contracts and work agreements
  • Mitigating risk and co-employment confusion
  • Ensuring extended workers follow corporate policies and receive updates on any changes
  • Providing alerts and notifications for tenure limits
  • Enforcing corporate policies and worker requirements


VNDLY supports the entire lifecycle of your extended workforce.

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Integrating vndly

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ImPLEMENTing vndly

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Security AND Compliance

your data. our security. unbeatable safety.

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Differentiating vndly

it’s time for a modern VMS. we’ve got that.

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