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Are you ready to move beyond the limited tactical solution provided by your legacy VMS technology?

As more companies use extended workforces, that means working more wisely with suppliers. With the right technology, procurement can take the lead, ensuring workforce needs, compliance, and quality benchmarks are met.

Adopting VNDLY’s modern, cloud-based VMS technology is a smart way to accomplish your goals. Our built-in API integrations allow all of your company’s technology platforms to communicate, creating cross-functional, collaborative teams. You can support organization-wide categories of spend, provide greater visibility into the entire workforce, and improve time-to-productivity.

Procurement team looking at a tablet.

Lead procurement negotiations
with data.

Beyond being a strategic decision leader, you can become your company’s leading terms negotiator.

Our dashboard analytics provide full transparency, so you can track negotiations, change controls, and uncover anomalies. Capitalizing on your successes within individual supply chains can become your daily routine.

Better contracts with suppliers help you uncover ways to reduce costs and risk, bring more transparency to your supplier channels, and increase efficiencies across the entire company. With VNDLY, you can achieve growth and lead your company’s digital transformation journey.

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Procurement team looking at their workstations.

VNDLY can help procurement:

  • Negotiate and enforce more favorable supplier terms for the company
  • Standardize rates across all categories of nonemployee workers
  • Establish preferred suppliers
  • Monitor program metrics
  • Improve achievement of key performance indicators
  • Establish and deliver diversity supplier strategies


VNDLY supports the entire lifecycle of your extended workforce.

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