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Getting the most from your extended workforce is essential to your company’s success.

To ensure you meet your goals, we created a modern, cloud-based VMS platform that helps you find the best talent quickly. That means distributing job requirements and identifying high-performing candidates faster than your competitors.

Once you have those candidates, having a system to figure out their skills, then match them to your client’s needs becomes paramount. When a single platform can manage your entire nonemployee workforce and communicate with clients, your organization can achieve its program and fiscal goals.

It’s equally important to have a platform that has the power and flexibility to structure work in the way your clients require. Whether they use SOWs, augment projects with independent contractors, or use subcontractors, you can easily manage any type of interaction using our platform.

problems and solutions
specific to your industry:


Too much time can be wasted poring over candidates, scouring their profiles for skills and experiences aligned with client needs


Our software instantly parses candidate profiles, allowing program managers to determine skills and prior engagement history. With one click, program managers can determine the best candidates for specific projects and clients.


Compliance to your organization’s and the client’s regulations and processes is paramount—and often difficult to effectively manage.


Our technology helps manage your company’s stringent policies, non-disclosure agreements, and non-compete clauses extend to nonemployees. We can also support compliance with client policies and agreements.


Onboarding and time-to-productivity processes can be expensive and time-consuming, which can mean less time devoted to clients and too much time spent on operational tasks.


Our technology compresses hiring cycles, streamlines onboarding processes, and improves time-to-revenue. And with proactive budget controls, you can quickly adjust nonemployee populations based on client demands, ensuring a healthy bottom line.


VNDLY supports the entire lifecycle of your extended workforce.

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Security AND Compliance

your data. our security. unbeatable safety.

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Differentiating vndly

it’s time for a modern VMS. we’ve got that.

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