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Competition in the technology sector is fierce. Attracting and retaining highly skilled workers is difficult, making every new project requiring an extended workforce a challenge.

VNDLY’s VMS technology is equipped with features that let you be proactive, sharing anticipated needs with reliable suppliers. Talent pools can be populated with alumni, retirees, interns, and any other categories of workers you choose. Both strategies allow you to increase time-to-productivity.

we make managing your extended workforce easy:


Suppliers want to know where their candidates are in the hiring cycle without sending a bunch of emails and making follow-up calls.


We offer transparency for all involved, providing real-time updates about hiring cycles. With one click, suppliers can review interview options, calendar integrations and webinar links.


You deal with many VMS platforms, each with different requirements and processes.


We have the easiest submittal process in the industry. One-click submittals, bulk candidate uploads, resume parsing and contextual searches make engaging the best talent easy.


VNDLY supports the entire lifecycle of your extended workforce.

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Integrating vndly

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ImPLEMENTing vndly

hands-on setup plus support for lasting success.

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Security AND Compliance

your data. our security. unbeatable safety.

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Differentiating vndly

it’s time for a modern VMS. we’ve got that.

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