legacy VMS platforms leave
suppliers on the sidelines.
not VNDLY.

Designed with suppliers in mind.

Tired of feeling neglected by your legacy VMS provider because they have largely treated suppliers as outsiders? No visibility and little communication mean you’re left guessing, sending what you hope are the best candidates.

What if you knew exactly who your buyers needed to hire and had those candidates waiting? VNDLY’s easy-to-use platform builds relationships and shares real-time information, so you can do just that. We worked to create a process that shortens hiring times and speeds up time to productivity.

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Use VNDLY’s mobile-friendly technology to:

  • Participate in job posting and SOW-based opportunities
  • Get real-time updates on candidates’ application statuses
  • Upload resumes en masse
  • Build candidate profiles
  • Access full mobile capabilities, including time and expense management
  • Use automated invoicing and payment tracking
  • Get reminders about other activities that can impact your relationship
  • Manage contractors after hiring

We’ve created a platform that includes you. We take you through the entire process, from sharing your excellent candidates to managing them once they’re hired.

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here’s how it works.

We help suppliers and clients become true partners, extending automation and greater process efficiencies across the board, resulting in a better experience for everyone involved.

load resumes

With our built-in APIs, you can load hundreds of resumes that are parsed contextually and semantically. Our software also recognizes and categorizes worker history, general skills, certifications, and other stand-out achievements.

manage candidates

It’s easy to set up candidate profiles and manage them in real-time, adding information as it’s available. You can provide potential workers that align with job requisitions, skills, projects, regions, and any other needs from your buyer.

schedule interviews

Schedule interviews directly through VNDLY, then track with real-time checklist reminders embedded in the approval processes. Compliance features keep you aligned with your clients’ company policies throughout the process, which means better outcomes for your candidates and you.

here’s how it works

To reduce stress and uncertainty, we built graphics components that show your candidates’ progress in the hiring cycle. And our clients can send reports directly to you, removing subjectivity around score cards. How much better will your day be with fewer calls to hiring managers?

we stay with you.

Unlike our legacy competitors, we don’t abandon you after a candidate has been hired.

You can use VNDLY to:

Manage timesheets

Manage timesheets

Track expenses

Track expenses

Maintain compliance with company policies

Maintain compliance with company policies

Automate invoicing

Automate invoicing

Analytics dashboards and customizable reporting help keep you aligned with each individual client’s changing needs.


VNDLY supports the entire lifecycle of your extended workforce.

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