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You need a modern, cloud-based VMS that’s easy to use, mobile-friendly, and can fully integrate into your technology ecosystem. Sounds like a lot to ask for, but we built it. With your needs in mind.

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Cloud-based Architecture

Our solution was born in the cloud, making it safer and more scalable than traditional server-based platforms. We can adapt our technology to your specific needs, scaling up or down quickly.

We release new code and updates every week, not every few months like our competitors. This allows us to continually innovate, addressing needs we see across the industry and with individual clients. And, our way ensures no disruption in your operations due to clunky, often glitch-ridden updates that can interfere with progress.

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Intuitive Interface

VNDLY is as easy to use as your smart phone, so your employees, suppliers, and contractors can be up and running quickly on their desktop and mobile devices with no special application needed. Ever.

With almost no training and on any device, you can manage all of your program components like posting jobs, invoicing, creating custom fields and reports. Your suppliers can easily load hundreds of resumes, parse skills and certifications, and build talent pools. Workers can use their smart phones to quickly submit timesheets and expenses from any job location. Try doing that with a legacy platform.

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Easy Configuration

Your VMS technology should be easy to use. At VNDLY, we created ours with you in mind, using best practices from e-commerce to create a platform that feels familiar and approachable.

No matter what device you choose, our entire platform is configurable with the touch of a button. You can modify approvals, change customer fields, activate modules, or update nearly any other function at the moment you need to. No more help desk tickets or hours of internal IT work to change functionality to support your company’s program changes. Simplified program management can be your reality.

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Ecosystem Alignment

You need a fully integrated technology system. VNDLY has engineered built-in API integrations to make that happen. No more lengthy, costly internal IT processes to integrate your existing solutions—we do that for you faster than other providers.

Our integrations allow you to set up the technology ecosystem that works for your specific business, then we connect everything so you can meet company-wide business goals and objectives. If you’re already using Workday, ServiceNow, and Okta, our engineers have you covered. We can also integrate with most other tools used for services, business, and HR management.


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